Manchester United Focused on the USA

Manchester_United_2013English Premier League giants Manchester United are setting up shop in the United States.

The Red Devils, who are owned by the US-based Glazer family, revealed their 2013 financial report yesterday and made it loud and clear that the United States will be one of their primary targets for expansion.

“We believe there has been a inflection point, possibly 2010-2011, where the interest levels in football have increased [in the USA],” Ed Woodward (Manchester United executive vice-chairman) continued. “So it’s moving away from being a niche sport and much more moving into a territory of competing with the top sports in the country. We’ve seen research done, for example, that shows it’s the second most popular sport to watch on television for 12- to 24-year-olds within the United States.

Source: MLSsoccer staff,