Luis Suarez scores twice in 2-1 win against England

After being the bane of the Premier League, with the obvious exception of Liverpool, this past season, Luis Suarez continued his destruction of English defenses Thursday in Brazil.

Suarez was forced to sit out Uruguay’s first match, a 3-1 loss against Costa Rica, but was deemed fit for the match against England, and did not disappoint.

Despite not creating as many chances as we are used to from the Uruguayan striker, his two finishes were sublime and single-handedly stole the match from the English.

A 39th minute header gave Uruguay the lead heading into the break. Just 10 minutes after Wayne Rooney found the equalizer, Suarez took advantage of a one-on-one opportunity with the English goalkeeper for the winning strike.

Coming less than a month after having surgery May 22, Suarez proved himself as one of the elite players in the world, being able to succeed even when not fully healthy.

The win leaves Uruguay in a good position to qualify for the knockout stages, but leaves the English with a lot of work, and help needed to avoid elimination.

The English need Italy to beat Costa Rica and Uruguay, and need to beat Costa Rica too, plus hope to win the goal differential battle.