Liverpool Close to Becoming This Season’s Tottenham

Britain Soccer Premier LeagueSee if you can guess which Premier League team is detailed below.

Following years of top half soccer, but an inability to break into the upper echelon of the Premier League, this team is taken to new heights by a single player having a career year.

The following summer that player is sold for a ludicrous amount of money to a Spanish superpower that has the cash to splash. To fill the hole left by said superstar, the club spends the transfer money on numerous players who had good seasons in the hopes of maintaining success.

Led by a relatively young manager, the team heads into the upcoming Premier League season with high hopes of building on the previous season’s successes.

If you guessed Liverpool this summer, you guessed correctly.

If you guessed Tottenham last year, you are also correct.

After coming the closest it has to winning the Premier League, since its inception in the early 1990s, Liverpool parted ways with the perpetually biting striker Luis Suarez.

Suarez, who was purchased by Barcelona in July, had one of the best ever seasons by a striker, despite missing the first five matches of the season following a biting incident the year before. After letting him go, Liverpool had to do something to make up for the loss.

To do so, the Merseyside club has purchased numerous players, mostly from Southampton, including Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren.

All of these moves, while for very talented players, seem to be not much more than patchwork trying to make it seem that Suarez was never there.

It is oddly reminiscent of what Tottenham did the season before after watching Gareth Bale depart.

Spurs brought in players like Roberto Soldado, Paulinho and Erik Lamela, who had incredibly disappointing seasons, and finished 6th in the Premier League.

Spurs did bring in a couple players who had great seasons, in particular Christian Eriksen, but it  wasn’t enough to recapture the magic of the previous two seasons, where they were unfortunate to not earn a spot in the Champions League.

Liverpool is dangerously close to being this seasons Spurs.

Sure Liverpool had a more complete squad than Tottenham did without said superstar, and brought in players who were more established as Premier League players, but the similarities cannot be denied.

It will be interesting to see how well Brendan Rodgers handles the loss of Suarez this season, and how well the team can do in a Premier League that looks to be the best it has been in years.