Jozy Altidore Suffered A Grade 2 Hamstring Tear

Jozy altidore

This is a little bit late but we’re just now finding out how severe U.S. striker Jozy Altidore‘s injury against Ghana was. All we knew was that it was a hamstring strain, but apparently it was much worse.

Altidore was interviewed by ESPN’s Mike and Mike and on the show he says that he suffered a Grade 2 hamstring tear. He was expected to be able to play in the later rounds of the World Cup, but the team never made it that far. The U.S. suffered a 2-1 loss against Belgium in the Round-of-16.

However, he was scheduled to go in as a backup in the Belgium game, but coach Jurgen Klinsmann never used him in extra time.

“I had a grade two tear in the Ghana game,” he told the show. “The timetable to come back was realistically very late in the tournament.”

“I honestly thought I was going to be able to help the team sooner rather than later but it just wasn’t to be.”

According to, a Grade 2 hamstring tear affects your walk and you most likely will be limping. Twinges of hamstring pain during activity will be apparent as well. It also mentions that you may notice some muscle swelling and your hamstring will be tender to palpate. Obviously it will be painful for you to bend your knee against resistance.

Thank God it wasn’t a Grade 3 or, according to the same article, he’d be on crutches, and may require surgery.

Altidore said that he and his teammates had mixed feelings about their run at the Cup.

“I think we performed well but, at the same time, if you go around and ask some of the guys, we definitely felt like we could have went a little further,” he added. “Things happen, you know, circumstances change. We had some injuries and in the end, we just weren’t able to get over that last hump in terms of Belgium.”