Jonathan Hickman Talks World Cup And Pax Romana Update

The Power Hour Interview: Comic Creator Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman has created comics for Marvel and Image. But, we were curious about his love of soccer and his opinion on the 2014 World Cup.

On our new sports and pop culture mash-up show, The Power Hour, Hickman talked to host Matt Sardo and producer Gerardo Gonzalez about the 2014 World Cup, transitioning his comics to television and what makes a great Star Trek film.

What teams will be in the World Cup final?
“I think Germany Argentina will be the final. I picked Argentina to win the whole thing at the beginning and I would stick with that. I think they have the best player (Lionel Messi). It’s clear that he’s been saving his legs until the later rounds. He’ll probably exploded in the last two games.”

Can you give us an update on the Syfy adaptation of Pax Romana?

“I read the second pass of the pilot script. It’s good, it’s definitely better than the first draft. It’s different than the comic. It’s definitely a departure, but we’ll see. It basically comes down to if Syfy decides to shoot it and if they do then of course they’ll air it and they’ll go forward.”

Hickman gives fans a hint of things to come.
“If it (Pax Romana) goes that’s great. If it doesn’t that’s okay too, it not like it’s the only egg in the basket.”

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