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Silver Linings

Professional sports figures have good days and bad days, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately for those in the pupil of the public, their bad days are usually highly publicized and scrutinized. Every week on The Charlie Bernstein Show, we take a look at those sports figures who have had tough weeks and offer them a beacon of light in their times of need.

Here are some of the people in sports we are going to feature on Wednesday's edition of "Silver Linings."

Chad (Ocho Cinco) Johnson

When Chad was a Pro Bowl receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals his touchdown antics seemed fun and he was that crazy, "Martin-like" friend that everyone wished they had. When his skills deteriorated, the antics grew tiresome and Chad's last brush with the law for domestic violence led him to being arrested this week.

Chad's Silver Lining: Your bond was only $1000 and you don't have a long rap sheet. This can be used as a learning experience and Chad can become a better person because of it. He might even be able to catch on with an Arena Football team.

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia is becoming a Silver Linings veteran as he's made our show not once but twice in the past three weeks. His choking at the 17th hole of the TPC at Sawgrass was expected, based on Sergio's big match history. His whining about Tiger Woods pulling a club during one of his shots made him look like a privileged child. Sergio took the cake last evening at a banquet dinner in Europe as he directed some racist remarks toward Tiger Woods.

Garcia was on stage with the rest of the victorious 2012 European Ryder Cup team when he was asked by Golf Channel's Steve Sands, who was emceeing the event, whether he would invite Woods over for dinner at the U.S. Open next month.

The Spaniard replied, according to The Guardian: ?We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.?

Sergio's Silver Lining: Before last night, your career will have gone down as an underachieving disappointing one, despite earning millions upon millions of dollars. Now make no mistake, you've replaced Tiger Woods as golf's ultimate villain. You've actually made Tiger Woods and all his arrogance appear as an endearing victim. Sergio channeling Fuzzy Zoeller will now make him infamous, even if it is for absolutely all the wrong reasons.

Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy, the very accomplished Oklahoma State University head football coach was made famous by this rant roughly five years ago while he supposedly was defending one of his players from media scrutiny.

Unfortunately for Gundy's integrity and a few select student-athletes at Oklahoma State, Gundy provided little more than lip service and is now refusing to let his young quarterback, Wes Lunt transfer away from his program. Clay Travis of Outkickthecoverage.com hits the nail on the head with this scathing post about Gundy.

Gundy's Silver Lining: Coaches say one thing and do another all the time in sports. It's even worse in major college athletics. Gundy, using his power to hurt a young person will be forgotten about assuming his Cowboys team wins double-digit games and gets to a nice bowl game. This likely won't even effect recruiting negatively. Even if some in the program turn on Gundy, he'll just use interest from another school to leverage himself into a contract extension before eventually leaving for more money elsewhere.

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