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Should MLB Use A Draft Lottery?

Next years No. 1 pick likely will be: N.C. State left-hander Carlos Rodon looks like the best draft prospect since Harper was picked in 2010.

And it hardly seems fair to the rest of the league that the Astros will get him as a reward for their efforts to assemble the games worst team. Itd be nice if some team that wasnt necessarily trying to lose had a chance instead. Thats not a slam of the Astros bottoming out was absolutely the right course for the organization. Its just that MLB shouldnt be so generous in rewarding them for it. A 10-team lottery in the NBA fashion (the worse teams get more ping-pong balls and such) seems like a better plan. Because even though the Astros run as the games worst team is just about over, teams bottoming out when they have little chance of contending is likely to become a more common occurrence.

Source: Matthew Poullot, NBC Sports


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