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Seahawks looking to break crowd noise record

If it isn't bad enough the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to face one the best teams in the NFL when they take on the Seahawks come Sunday. The Bucs will be subjected to the loudest crowd in the NFL.

Seattle plays at CenturyLink Field, a place that?has long been renowned for having the loudest stadium in the entire NFL. Think of ?sitting in front of the speakers at a Led Zeppelin concert for three hours and you get what I mean about loud.

The Kansas City Chiefs ?with a representative from Guinness World Records on hand on October 13th for a 24-7 win over Oakland. The Chiefs fans cheered so loudly that at Arrowhead Stadium that ?it was measured at 137.5 decibels, good for the loudest recorded crowd at a sporting event. It was enough to break the previous record of 136.6 set by you guessed it the Seattle Seahawks.

For the record according to recording industry experts 137.5 decibels measures well past a rock concert (115 dB), the level at which pain begins (125 dB) and just short of a jet engine that you're standing 100 feet away from (140 dB). The loudest recommended exposure that anyone can withstand without hearing loss is 140 dB so anyone wishing to break Arrowhead's record might want to think about their personal health first.

As for this Sunday at this point in time there are no ?Guinness Book of World Records people set to attend the Bucs and Seahawks game but that does not mean it won't be loud. The average??decibel level at??CenturyLink Field is between the 125 to 130 level.



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