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Rex Ryan:The End Of The Tim Tebow Era in NY

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan spoke with the media on Monday about the end of the Tim Tebow era in New York.

Opening Statement?

Obviously, watching the tape today, (it?s) not a whole lot different than what we all think it is and what I commented on yesterday. The 11 sacks and all that, it was just poor as I can ever remember as far as the pass protection was concerned. And then we talked about the punt return yesterday, (it was) obviously a bad way to start a game. You?re down 7-0 at your place. Then the consistency, I think on defense, the defense played really well for the majority of the game. But I thought, besides we gave up two huge plays, one we really thought we had the coverage and did a poor job from a technique standpoint. And then you have to give them credit on another one, they did a nice job scheming us. (They) got (Antonio) Gates isolated and that was obviously a big play for them. I think that?s obviously the difference in the game. They absolutely dominated on defense and then they made enough plays on offense to win the game.

On report that Tim Tebow said that he did not want to be used in the Wildcat on Sunday?

First off, I?ll say this, and I?ve always said it about Tim, he is a competitor and he was disappointed. There?s no question. He was disappointed that he was not named the starter. But with that being said, I?m not going to get into private conversations that I have with players. But, was it my decision to use Jeremy Kerley in the Wildcat? Without question (it was). But I?ll say this, I believe if Tim?s number was called, he would?ve went in and played. I don?t think there?s any doubt about that. So that?s pretty much it.

On whether it is true that he had not spoken to Tebow between Tuesday and Friday of last week?

Well, again I?m not going to discuss private conversations. But I have discussions with players all the time, but I?m not going to get into what he said, this or that, timing of this. Like I said before, I believe that if his number was called, that he would?ve, without question, he would?ve gone in and played.

On why he has not been as open to the media about the quarterback situation?

Well, have I lied about anything? I?m not going to share a private conversation that I would have with a player because, quite honestly, that?s nobody?s business but mine and that player.

On him being not as open to the media?

But I thought I answered things. It was my decision. I flat told you that it was my decision, it was nobody (else?s) decision in this organization. It was my decision. And the first time when I stuck with Sanchez, I specifically said that I asked several different people their opinions of it and then on this one alone, it was my decision. I just said it was a gut decision. It was my decision and it was a gut decision that I had to make. I never went into specific things, well, this guy does this, he does that. It was just an honest opinion that it was a gut decision why I wanted to start him and that?s truthful. It might not be an answer you want. There (are) no specifics in there but that?s kind of how I felt about it.

On if he has been forthcoming regarding the use of Tebow?

Again, if there?s specific conversations that I would have, then I?m not going to give that. And I?ve been transparent and all that stuff, without question. But I?m not going to (share) a private conversation that I would have with a player. That?s between him and I. If he wants to share whatever the conversation is, Tim or anybody else, that?s up to him, but I?ve never done that here.

On the media not asking about specific conversations?

I guess I?m missing the point. I think I?m about as open as any coach. I try to provide everything I can for the media. I understand, I recognize you have a job to do, without question, and I always try to provide a means for you to get your job done. The only thing I would say, if I thought there was a competitive advantage to something, than I would obviously keep with that. But I don?t know what else to say. I don?t try to hide things. Now obviously, if there is a competitive reason, then that would be something that maybe I would be mindful of. But other than that, I think more than any probably coach in the league, I think I?m more upfront about anything.

On who would have played quarterback if McElroy had to come out of the game?

There?s no way I?m going to answer that now, ever. I?m just kidding. It is true, we had both of the quarterbacks up and depending on how the day was going, how I thought we could use the quarterback, that was what I was going to (do). Was there a second guy? I don?t think that?s (fair to say). I just want to make sure that I did have both options open. That?s kind of how we went into the game this week. I don?t know what that?s going to look like game-plan wise, or even how the opponent has changed since the first week of the season, but it?s an honest answer that we?ll see how this week plays out. That?s the truth. If I think it?s best for us to have all three quarterbacks up then we will. If not, then we?ll go with two.

On reports about Tebow?s reluctance to participate in the Wildcat?

I?m not going to get into that. You guys are assuming something is a factor or whatever, that?s fine. I?ll say this. If I would have asked Tim to play in anything, Tim would have gone in the game and done that.

On if he had a use for Tebow yesterday?

I look at it this way, like many backup quarterbacks, a lot of them won?t play. I?ve always been a guy that likes to play people, but I was excited about Jeremy (Kerley). I liked how he practiced and I truly believed we could make some big plays with Jeremy throwing the football because they would all be down there to play the run. That?s the truth. Obviously, we saw the pass that he threw out there, the guy came back and (Clyde) Gates had to come back on it, and we had him open. We know Jeremy can throw the ball. I just thought it was going to give us an opportunity and, during the week, he looked really good at running it. That?s why I was really comfortable with him doing that.

On why Tebow is not playing personal punt protector?

I think with the ribs, when it came out of there, I basically took him off of that. That really was my decision and that was when I found out about the ribs being how they were. I went to (Mike) Westhoff and said look, we need to take him out of here for doing that, and that?s what we?ve done. Is that a possibility that we can do that again this week? I would say yeah that?s a possibility.

On if Tebow?s ribs are healthy?

He still has two cracked ribs. Again, he?s been cleared to play. We played him the week before and ran him for a series and things like that. He still has two cracked ribs.

On if his conversation with Tebow led him to use Kerley in the Wildcat?

That conversation will remain private. It was my decision to use Jeremy. Like I said, I liked what I saw in practice, even more than I did in the game. Obviously in the game, he had the one big pass and we had another one but there was (an) illegal formation and then we had another one where he basically handed a ball off. Really, I think there?s really only four that we ran. Jeremy, I thought looked good in practice and that?s why I went with him.

On if his conversation with Tebow impacted his decision to not use him?

I could have used Tim and if I would have chosen to use Tim, I believe without any hesitation, that Tim would have been out there playing, no question about it.

On if he would change anything?

When I look at it, when you look at the overall picture with our record being what it is, I think if there?s something you?re going to change about this football team, we?d change the record, without question. I think more than anything it?s been the level of consistency, or lack thereof, (that) has been the biggest issue. That?s across the board. To put it on anything else, I think obviously the record is what it is.

On the reasoning for trading for Tebow?

I believe and I?ve talked about it before, that I thought bringing him in as a football player, being able to be the personal protector and also being able to do different roles was a good thing because as a backup quarterback, most backups never get in the game. I thought we could use him because I recognized the fact that he is a good football player and that he could do multiple things. That?s kind of where we used him. I thought that he?d do a great job in the Wildcat. I wanted to get that part back into our offense, and from that standpoint, I thought it would be more efficient. I thought we?d do some better things out of the Wildcat (and) it hasn?t happened. I?m not blaming it on Tim Tebow, I?m sure there?s a multitude of reasons, but for whatever reason, it has not had the results that I envisioned for it.

On if he has looked back on the Tebow acquisition and thought it was not worth it?

They?ll be plenty of time to look at everything (and) how the season went. I look at it (as) we have one game to play and that?s against Buffalo. That?s really where we need to focus. The fact that (the media) is bringing him up all the time, that is what it is, but it can?t take away and it hasn?t taken away from the fact at hand, that we have a game to play. At the end of the day, that?s where my attention is going to be. As soon as this press conference is over, you go right into preparation for Buffalo.

On the pass protection against San Diego?

Even last night, I said (if) you get sacked 11 times, there are a multitude of things. Yes, the pass protection, the offensive line you could say, that wasn?t up to our standards, without question. The blitz protection, which we?ve done an outstanding job of in particular with our backs of picking it up wasn?t as strong as what we?ve done in past. Even the dropbacks by Greg probably could have been a little cleaner. There were a multitude of things.

On the blog by Trevor Pryce?

I think the world of Trevor, there?s no question. I think every former player, current player or fan has a right to their own opinion, without question. Am I loyal? Yes. I think, without question, I?m a loyal person. I think that?s a positive trait. I don?t think it?s a bad thing to be a nice person as well, but again, I think I?m plenty tough when it comes to making tough decisions. Trevor is a guy that I really respect and have a great deal of admiration for, so (if) that?s his opinion, I?m not trying to change his opinion.

On the rumors involving Tebow going to the Jaguars bother him?

I?m not pulling the old tampering thing or whatever. Tim is under contract to us and that?s what I know about the situation.

On if he will change the way he interacts with the media after his experiences this season?

I?m not really sure on that. I think when you look at it, through experiences, you try to learn from those experiences and you try to become better. I?m always a guy that will try to do whatever I can to learn and be better, but I think that?s something you do through experience. Obviously, I think at the end of the season, you go back and you really focus on those things. You look at ways to improve and ultimately, you?re trying to get to where you improve as a football team, but also to where you improve as a coach as well. I can?t say for sure that I would change this or this right now, but every year I try to learn from experiences.

Source: New York Jets Media


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