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Rex Ryan On John Idzik And Darrelle Revis

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan spoke with the media Thursday about the new general manager John Idzik and the Darrelle Revis situation.

On his initial impressions of John Idzik

It was outstanding. I think having three days in Mobile, (Alabama), with John, was great. You realize how similar our backgrounds are (and) even with his dad being a former Jet, my dad being a former Jet. As John mentioned, being six years old and going to the practices and all those types of things and being around football his whole life, very similar to mine. But really, it was great. The fact, in Mobile, the way it was set up - I thought Phil Savage by the way, did an outstanding job leading the Senior Bowl- we actually had interviews with players we sat side by side, and (seeing) the way he would talk to the players, all those type of things. It was great for me to sit in there. After you listen to John and being around him, its exciting for me because you see the direction he wants this team to go to. Everything, as a coach, what you want to hear is this mans goals are the exact same as my goals and Mr. Johnsons. We want to build a championship-caliber team. John mentioned it several times about having a team that can be a perennial contender basically, perennial playoff team, thats what you want. You want sustainable success and thats really what Johns always talked about, the days that I was with him. Thats really what hes looking to do and obviously, as a coach, thats what certainly Im looking to do.

On how working with Idzik will be different

Im not sure how different.

On whether it will be different working with Idzik and evaluating talent

Well, I know its going to be a, as John mentioned, a collaborative effort I think. But hes trying to involve really everybody, lean on everybody and I think thats going to be great. Not just for me, but for a lot of people in this building. Obviously, he has the last say in this is who we take and all that and personnel decisions and probably many decisions. But I like the fact that hes going to involve several people, including myself and our coaches as well, as scouts working together and building this team with those goals in mind.

On if it was a collaborative effort previously

I guess to say well, how different its going to be? Its probably a little too early to say that exactly but I just sense that hes really going to take in the information, collect information, and then make the decision (based on) whats best for this organization. Is it different? Im sure its going to be a little different, I dont think theres any doubt itll be a little different.

On whether he foresees any possibility that Darrelle Revis may not be on the team in 2013

Well, Ill tell you what, on the way in today, I heard about all this and things and I just kind of laughed about it because Im like, Its Johns first day. Its his first day in the building and this is what comes up and things. But I will say this, I think he hit it right on the head, to say anything, hes here, hes not here, all that type of stuff, it is way to premature for that. Lets give the man an opportunity to get with everybody and to go over our personnel. So again, you guys know how I feel about Darrelle and things. But again, as John mentioned, all decisions will be made in the best interest of our football team and trying to attain the goals that he talked about. The man hasnt even been here (a day), he hasnt opened up a tape yet, he hasnt looked at any tape yet and things.

On if Idzik needs to watch tape on Revis

Well, I think you have to look at your entire roster and things and certainly, were all looking forward to getting that process started.

On his opinion on trading Revis

Again, Im not going to get in to any of those specifics right now. I think lets let the process run its course and Im confident that any decision made, that this organization (makes) will be without question in the best interest of this football team with the goals that John had mentioned.

On if he was taken aback by hearing the report on Revis possibly being traded

No, I just thought it was interesting that on the (day of Idziks) press conference, he waited all his life to get this opportunity and obviously deserved this opportunity. Johns really well thought of throughout this league and this is his day that he looked forward to and to put something out there like this when the man hasnt even had a chance to evaluate a roster I thought was pretty interesting.

On if hes worried about his long term future with the Jets due to having a new general manager

Im not. And the reason I say that, and Ive said it before, Im confident in myself but Im confident in the direction that this football teams taken. I think we have a lot of great people in this building, in this organization and Im confident we can get things done. But as far as the long term deal, what I can affect is doing the best job I possibly can do and Ive had success, maybe not to the extent that everybody looks at, like winning Super Bowls every single year. I havent had that success yet as a head coach but I have had some success throughout my career and the best thing I can do is focus on doing a tremendous job here and thats exactly what Im going to do. Ill never forget when Mike Nolan took the defensive coordinator job over with the Ravens and I was passed over. And Mike was the receiver coach at that time, even though he had an extensive background on defense, and I thought I was the right man for the job. And I sat there, and I told him, I said, You know, its going to take me a day or two to get over this decision, that Brian (Bilick) made and Ozzie (Newsome) made, but Im going to be the best coach you ever had. Thats how I approached it. And right now, Im going to be the best coach that hes seen and thats the way Im going to look at it and Im excited about that because it energizes me. Some of the decisions that weve made on the coaching staff, I guess it wasnt official that we hired Marty Mornhinweg, I think thats just out now, Im going to break that story to you guys that Marty Mornhinweg is our offensive coordinator. Dennis Thurman, which I held it and held it, but yes, weve decided to go with Dennis Thurman as the defensive coordinator. Tim McDonald will be our secondary coach. Brian Smith is being elevated to the assistant secondary position. Weve hired David Lee as our quarterbacks coach. Obviously, and were still in the process of hiring a linebacker coach but thats still going on. We have a couple guys, one guy scheduled Friday another one scheduled on Monday but thats been something obviously each decision you make is important and thats something that were looking at. But really, when you look at it, when I said that its kind of like hit the reset button, that Im starting over, thats how I look at it. The same kind of enthusiasm and energy and all that and I think a lot of that stems from, and not saying Mike (Tannenbaum) didnt have it, but when John came in, its hard not to get excited when you listen to John talk about what he looks at as the future of the organization and things and the direction on how hes going to build it, how hes going to lean on the people here. I cant wait to start really getting into the personnel part of it and everything else and working side by side with him.

On if having a family member in the NFL gives you an advantage

Thats an interesting question. I think honestly at the end of the day, its going to be about you and what youve done. Youre going to have to stand on your own in what youve done and your own merits and things. I think it gives us a huge advantage. Part of that is that its different. The National Football League is a lot different than college football and anywhere else. I think the fact is that I know myself, Im not intimidated by anything. I think part of that was that I grew up in NFL locker rooms from when I was this big. The same thing with John, I think its the same thing. For me, I hadnt had experience as a head coach before and you think youre ready. Im a better head coach now, in my opinion, than when I first came in from those experiences. I think going into it, I was more prepared for it than others because I had been around this game all of my life. Id been around Joe Namath when I was a young guy, some of the greats, (like) Walter Payton. I do think its a huge advantage.

On hiring Marty Mornhinweg

Its true and I think the ground and pound, as Ive stated before, stuck with me forever. My goal was that I wanted that all weather offense, where you can win in any condition and be successful, but the ground and pound really fit our football team that first year. We might have been second in the history of the league in rushing attempts. We thought that was the best way to get it done. Now, when I look at it, and Ive mentioned before, I didnt want to be the guy that held us back but I thought it was important to get a guy with a proven track record as a quarterback developer, a proven track record statistically, a guy who has been there and done it, a proven track record of a play caller and we got all of those with Marty. I brought in several candidates, a lot of great coaches, but for us, I thought Marty was the guy that I thought was the best fit for us. Im excited to see the quarterback and what happens here. You have Marty and David Lee, a guy who has an outstanding reputation. I recall Bill Parcells hired him in Miami before he hired the head coach. Thats what he thought of him. He has a background in Buffalo. Hes been around. He was a guy that is a frontrunner in the new style of offense as well as things you are seeing in the league with the pistol and those types of things, so I think that was a great hire. Hes a great fundamental coach. I cant wait to get out there and see how our offense looks. Will it look different? Yes, it will.

On Mark Sanchez

I just saw him in the hallway actually, but I said hello. I will see him. I know he is in town and I will talk to him. He has to be popping out of his skin. I think as any quarterback would. You have the combination of Marty Mornhinweg and David Lee as coaches. Thats a heck of a start. I believe Mark needs to erase his hard drive. I think its new. He has to be excited about it. The fact that hes reaching out to Jeff Garcia to get an idea about all of it tells you how much he wants to (get better). Will there be competition? Theres going to be as John mentioned, competition at every spot. He obviously is excited about this. Hes probably just trying to get a head start.

On evaluating Darrelle Revis

Ill stand by anything that Ive ever said about Darrelle when I said that you guys know how I feel about Darrelle Revis.

On if Revis will be a Jet this season

I think you have to understand that our situation is that its Johns first day on the job. Hes the general manager. Theres going to be a process where were going through Darrelle Revis, DBrickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold or whoever, were going through no matter the great players, maybe not as great players, everybody is going to be going through the same process. Anytime youre a new general manager coming in, you obviously get everybodys opinions and, at the end of the day, he will formulate his own opinions. Thats with everybody.

On how he feels about next season

The gun has been taken away? Im all for that. (joking) Again, as a coach, my job is to go out and we all are, with enthusiasm and everything else that hadnt been matched. Thats how Im going to approach it. My job ultimately is to win. Thats what well plan on doing.

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