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Reggie Jackson Acuses Mets Of Racism

Mets_Jackson_2013Reggie Jackson has an auto-biography coming out and, based on this New York Post capsule of it, its gonna be a barn-burner. Even if most of the stories in it have made the rounds before, you have to figure that Jacksons profoundly Jackson-centric view of most things in the world will make for good reading.

One story the Post mentions is one I had heard once or twice before, but cant remember where. Its about how the Mets didnt draft him with the top pick in 1966 despite the fact that he was far and away the best prospect. Why? Jackson says it was racism. he said his college coach, Bobby Winkles, told him so:

A day or two before the draft, Bobby Winkles sat me down and told me, Youre probably not gonna be the No. 1 pick. Youre dating a Mexican girl, and the Mets think you will be a problem, Jackson writes. They think youll be a social problem because you are dating out of your race youre colored, and they dont want that, Winkles said.

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