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Redskins' Shanahan with injury update on RG3

Washington Redskins executive vice president/head coach Mike Shanahan spoke with the media Thursday with an injury update on Robert Griffin III and the development of backup quarterback Kirk Cousins.

On quarterback Robert Griffin III saying he wants to be ready for training camp:

Well, were hoping that hes ready for training camp. Hes been working extremely hard like weve talked about in the past. I think you guys could see today that hes been throwing for a while. His arm is in pretty good shape. It looks like hes making a lot of progress.

On how closely he watches Griffin III:

Ill take a look at film each day, drills hes going through and how hes throwing the ball and exactly what hes doing. You want to make sure that he doesnt overdo it, and so thats one of the reasons why you look at the film. But hes in there getting a lot of treatment, in the weight room every day, doing the things that he needs to do. I think you could see today hes been throwing the ball for a while. You can see his arm is feeling quite well. So its a process.

On what he thought ahead of schedule means for Griffin IIIs timetable for return:

I dont know. I really dont know what ahead of schedule means except for the doctors. They keep on saying that hes ahead of schedule, and we want to be patient with him because if you go too quick and you set it back, he could hurt himself. And so our goal is to see where hes at when he comes into camp July 25.

On if Griffin III could play in the season opener without playing in the preseason:

Its hard to say. Probably not. Do you mean in a preseason game or in practice? Youd have to practice against yourself, not necessarily against an opponent. One of the reasons for that, hed have to work with the first-team offense and hed have to have some practice time.

On if he would have separate Robert Rules rules for participating in training camp if Griffin III is ready to play:

You cant have Robert Rules. What you have to do if a guy is able to practice, hes able to practice, because whatever youre doing, youre going to put your legs in certain situations that causes stress. We dont want to put him in situation that hes not ready for. So its an ongoing process. The doctors will evaluate him. Theyve looked at guys with ACLs for a long time. Theyre the experts in that area. Theyll let me know if they think hes ready to go.

On his conversations with Griffin III this offseason:

You kind of go through each game. When he came back, you talk about the Cleveland game even though he didnt play in that game. You talk about the Philly game and you go through the plays as well as Dallas and Seattle. You kind of communicate, get to know each other better every practice, every year youre together. He knows my personality; I know his. And you talk about the things you could have done differently, things that went poorly during the season, things that went well. But overall we had a great conversation.

On if he paid attention to comments by Griffin IIIs father:

I read what he said and I could see his thought process. When he got hurt, on the sideline it was my reaction too when I saw it on the replay. When I went over to the doctors, I talked to the doctors, Are you sure his knee is stable? Are you sure he can go back in the game? Because to me, there was some question marks when I did see it on the screen. And thats part of the process. You get a lot of information. You talk to the doctors. I talked to Robert, and we talked about those conversations, but at the end of the day, you make a decision [and] you go with it. You get a lot of input from a lot of different people, but the bottom line is thats over with and weve got a season to look forward to.

On his relationship with Griffin III:

Roberts a very competitive guy. You want guys like Robert thats going to go out there and give you everything hes got. He wants to compete every time hes on the football field. It doesnt matter if its a run or a pass. I think Robert is the first person to tell you that, Hey, this year, Im going to be a little bit more conservative than I was a year ago. If youre not on the field, youre going to hurt our football team. And you have to take those dives. You have to throw the football away, regardless of if its a dropback pass or a scramble or if its a quarterback keep. Theres a lot of different scenarios that are involved in a football game, and I think each year you grow. Every quarterback that Ive been [with] grows every year. What Robert was able to do last year doesnt happen very often, thats never happened before in the history of the National Football League for a guy to be as successful throwing the football and running the football like he did. So theres a lot of pluses.

On Griffin IIIs concern that hell be pulled from games with minor injuries:

Heres what I do I ask the doctors. Im not an expert in that area. A doctor says, Hey, hes got a little sprained ankle. Hes fine, then he plays.

On if the offense is going to be more conservative:

We really dont know what defenses are going to do to us. I cant tell you for sure. You know, you adjust a game plan during the game. Defenses are going to be more ready for different things we did last year and well be able to adjust. The fun part about it is were going to be much better than we were a year ago in knowing what to do. We look forward to the challenges this season, especially with a very competitive schedule.

On if he would preemptively change parts of a successful offense like the zone read to keep Griffin III healthy:

Remember, the zone read probably gave Robert more time in the pocket than anything else you can do in the National Football League. Where Robert did get hurt was dropping back and doing a couple of scrambles. Thats probably one of the toughest situations for a quarterback is to dropback, look downfield, know when to scramble, know when to slide. Its just tough. I think every year you get better and better. But were going to try to protect Robert as much as we can. Were going to let him do the things that we think he does the best and hopefully it will be as productive.

On the growth of quarterback Kirk Cousins:

I think anytime a quarterback gets the reps that Kirk is getting right now, he develops. Thats what were looking forward to him doing, is developing during these OTAs. And with the extra added reps that hes getting, you can see the progression in his game. Hes playing with a lot of confidence and we like what we see.

On cornerback Josh Wilson and defensive end Adam Carriker:

To be honest with you, Adam, he was getting rehab and Josh was probably getting the same thing. I thought Josh was out there for a little bit, but maybe he wasnt.

On the next step for Griffin III:

They have a time schedule and different things they do when he can rollout, when he can do a little different work with his feet. You just dont want to go too quickly because everybody thinks that theyre ready to go and theyre feeling good. So our doctors and trainers are trying to take the proper protocol in his progression and hes looking pretty good. His strength is there and hes not overdoing it. So far I like what I see.

On Wilsons injury:

He had a pec [pectoral]. He had a couple of things. But I think hell be fine [and] ready to go for camp.

On tight end Jordan Reed:

We dont want to throw him in there too quick. It was a thigh.

On how Wilson injured his pectoral:

It was a labrum tear and he had a little bit with the pec too, but anytime you have a labrum tear like he had, he played through the season. It was sore and he played through it. Then when he went in there and he went in for surgery, it was worse than they thought it was. So they repaired it and hes feeling pretty good.

On his impressions of his 2013 draft picks:

Everybody looks good. Youd never admit somebody doesnt look good anyhow [laughter] But I like what we see. Weve got some experience at the safety positions. We got a couple of safeties that have a lot of playing time. We got a corner thats had a lot of playing time thats made a couple of big plays thus far in our camps. You take a look at [linebacker Brandon] Jenkins and you can see his pass rush ability very quickly. Im looking forward to seeing him with pads. Same thing on offense. We were taking a look at guys that are skilled athletes that hopefully can add something to what we did last year.

On if tight end Fred Davis is doing more than what he expected:

You know, Fred to me looks very good. The trainer thinks hes about 90 percent. The one thing with Achilles is you dont want guys pushing off too quickly when theyre blocking, so were kind of holding him back a little bit. I dont really want him to go until we get to training camp, give him that extra time to heal up. But right now I think there should be no setback and should go full speed ahead.

On safety Brandon Meriweather:

I think Brandon will be fine once we get to camp. Same thing. Today, I dont know if you watched his drills, but he did a good job in his drill work. The one thing you dont want to do when somebody hurts his knee is get him going too quickly. Just let it heal and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Right now he looks pretty good.

On what Griffin III is missing developmentally by not being able to participate:

Any time youre missing reps, obviously it doesnt help you, but what hes able to do is get all the mental reps and thats what hes got to do. Get mental reps thats your only choice. Does it hurt? Sure, it hurts. If I told you a guy misses all these snaps and said it didnt hurt, then we wouldnt have all these OTAs. But hes a student of the game. Hes done a good job of coming in and looking at all our games and all our cutups and we get a valuable work process through it all.

On if the mental leap is bigger than the physical leap for quarterbacks in their second year:

Let me say this, Robert will come back here a few years from now and hell laugh, saying, Oh my God, I thought I really did know a lot about the game. Thats as much of a jump as you make every year, especially coming from almost any type of offense. But with Robert running the type of offense he did at Baylor, its a little bit different from a dropback passing game in the National Football League. But hes got the ability to make every throw, and the more he plays, the more comfortable hell be. And what he was able to accomplish last year, when you think about it, for every time a ball was snapped, he had the most production out of anybody in the National Football League. That doesnt happen very often as a rookie.

On Griffin III throwing to other injured players like Pierre Garon and Fred Davis:

Well, somebodys going to be catching. Its always nice to have guys be able to run some routes like you just mentioned. You have three or four guys that are hurt as well as Chris [Thompson] and you get a chance to get some time in with those guys, its always good. And those guys are in a situation where both guys are around 90 percent, so they can run some routes even though theyre not going full speed. Its also nice for them to get some handoffs with a guy like Chris through the process. So its been positive for him.

On offensive lineman Maurice Hurt working on a stationary bike:

He had a groin, so we had [Josh] LeRibeus and Hurt out for a couple of days. They did a good job the first couple of weeks. They had no problem. And then the next three weeks, a couple of days ago, they stretched something and theyre about 90 percent. Hopefully in the next couple of days theyll be back.

On anyone he doesnt expect to be ready for training camp:

I would think that everybody but one will be ready. Thats my guess, but Im not telling you who the one is, so you guys have got to keep on guessing

On Garon:

I think Pierre, his rehab has been unbelievable. I mean anytime you get operated on like he did and youre able to come back as quickly as he has I was watching him this morning in the weight room and hes lifting weights that he shouldnt be able to lift. He feels very comfortable. Its been a slow process, but hes in excellent shape, so Ill be surprised if hes not full speed ready to go once we go to training camp.

On wide receiver Joshua Morgan:

Hes a lot better. Hes got the screws taken out of his ankle. You can see its a lot easier for him to cut.

On the competition at right tackle:

Well, what I always like to say, once you come to training camp, weve got 90 guys and every position is open. Now we know guys that have played extremely well and the chances of those guys getting beat out probably arent very good. But the mindset is weve got a lot of competition, a lot of people that we believe can play in the National Football League. So were going to evaluate everybody, how everybody plays and how everybody practices every day and thats one of the speeches I gave our guys today. If youre in this room, youve got a chance to make this football team because theres something you have thats very special or unique. Well evaluate every day. Just because you had a Pro Bowl year the year before doesnt mean its automatic youre going to be on our football team unless you show us in practice and the game how youre going to play. And if you have that type of competition, youve got a chance to get better.

On issues surrounding the organization beyond football:

To be honest with you, I dont pay any attention to it. I cant. I concentrate on football and thats for everybody else to talk about.

On linebacker London Fletcher:

You know, theres some people you worry about. I dont worry about London because [of] the way hes prepared. I told him to kind of stay out of the OTAs and he said, Mike, I think Ill be ready to go on Tuesday. He said, I think Ill need that extra week or two weeks to be where I want to be once we get to camp. So it gives you insight on what type of guy youre dealing with. But hes been that way and if he tells you hes going to be in shape, hes going to be in shape.

On linebacker Brian Orakpo:

Hes had no setback at all. Hes been going full speed over the last four weeks. He looks as good as ever. Hopefully he can keep that up He was hurt last year. You could see that soreness in there. Right now, you can tell its completely healed and well keep our fingers crossed that theres no setback.

Source: Washington Redskins Media


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