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Redskins Robert Griffin III Updates Injury Status

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke with the media on Wednesday about his injury, possible start and the Cleveland Browns.

On how he feels:

I feel good. I feel really blessed to almost sustain the grade of an injury that I did the Grade 1 LCL sprain after watching the hit. I didnt get to watch the replay until after I had the MRI so I think that was a good idea as well. Like I told everybody, I was the happiest guy in the world on Monday to be blessed with the injury I did have after looking at it. So I feel good.

On how much better his knee feels:

A lot better. Its gotten better every day, which is a positive sign for me. Sunday night, I thought there probably was no chance that I could play the next week. Then Monday morning, I felt better about it. Yesterday, I felt better about it and today, I feel really good about it. It just depends on if I continue to progress the way I am.

On how much he was able to do in practice:

Ive got to leave that to Coach [Mike Shanahan] to say, but I did enough. I did enough to give myself the confidence to push it tomorrow and then on Friday.

On if he feels like himself despite his knee injury:

I feel like myself every day. Its just about getting confidence back in it. I plan on getting confidence back in it relatively quickly so Ive just got to go out there and continue to progress every day.

On what he said to quarterback Kirk Cousins about the way he played against the Baltimore Ravens:

I congratulated him on the sideline after the game and even after that play. It was great to see him go out there and do what he did. I know a lot of people were shocked. I dont think anyone on this team was shocked. He prepares himself. Weve got a great quarterback room so Im really proud of him and Rex [Grossman] and Coach for helping him out out there and we won the game. Thats all that matters.

On what the doctors said to him about the risk of sustaining another injury if he plays against the Cleveland Browns:

They havent talked to me much about that. I know in 2009 when I tore my ACL and I wanted to come back and play two weeks after that, then you have a chance of messing up the other ligaments. But with a Grade 1 LCL sprain, I dont know if you are in danger of hurting any other ligament, but Ill wear a brace and go on from there.

On if he feels any pain walking around:

No. Its just on Sunday night and Monday, you definitely notice it. But the more the leg loosens up the more the swelling goes down, the more you progress, the more you can do normal things getting out of bed, walking up steps, all those things. I use that as a little gauge to see how I can come out and perform and its gotten a lot easier for me. I can walk up and down steps normally. I can walk around normally. I can run in place. I can run. I can do all those things. Like I said, Im the happiest guy in the world right now.

On if he can plant and throw the way he wants to:

Yeah, planting and throwing is not a problem. I went and did some planting and throwing out here all day. So I dont know if you guys saw, but I waved to you guys, just letting you guys know Im OK.

On how he balances his competitive nature with his injury:

Its all balanced. I dont know how I can put it but what the doctors say means a lot to me. How I feel means a lot to me. Ive been able to push myself the past couple days based on the way I feel and being honest with Larry [Hess] and the doctors. Its just about being smart. During the game, I threw the pass to [wide receiver] Pierre [Garon] down the field and limped down the field. I knew I needed to get out of the game. Its just about that. Its not about me and about me playing and being out there. Its about the team. If I feel like I can get the team the best chance to win, then Ill play. If I can make sure I ensure my safety out there and my health and my career, then Ill go out there and play. And if not, then I wont.

On if hes talked to any teammates about playing through injury:

I think its different for everybody. I feel like I can push through any kind of injury. Does that mean Ill play on Sunday? Who knows. But well see what happens. I want to be out there for those guys like I told them I would be.

On if his injury distorts his ability to play off his instincts:

No. Ive told many people, Im more than just a runner. Im more than just an athletic quarterback. So I dont have to go out there and prove that to anybody. But I think one gauge is will I be able to make instinctive moves without thinking about it? I couldnt do that in 2009 off an ACL. I could control my movements but whenever I make a quick decision, I couldnt really plant and go. I try to do a little bit of that whenever you cant see your leg or plan that youre going to make a certain movement. Can you make that explosive step? I was able to do that today. Hopefully Ill be able to do it more and more throughout the week.

On if he can make instinctive moves in practice as he would in a game:

Not necessarily the way it would happen in a game, but I can make an instinctive move based on the coverage or what an offensive lineman is doing. Those are the things that you have to be able to do without thinking about them and not letting your knee go out.

On if he would rest and not play against the Browns if the teams record was worse:

No. Id play. Me saying it is a different tone than youre saying it. Record doesnt matter. It doesnt gauge whether you play or not, whether you save yourself for the next season or play. I think the day you start taking that mentality in football is the day you should stop playing. Were 7-6 here. Were trying to make the playoffs, trying to go further than that and I need to be out there for my team.

On if he played with a brace in 2009:

Yeah, I wore one the year after my ACL for the whole year so Im used to it. Ive got to get back to being used to a brace but Ive played with one before. I think it will help me if I decide to brace up and play.

On if he would do everything the same looking back on the play he got injured:

I was frustrated. First of all, like Ive told you guys, the hit hurt. I was frustrated when I got up because I was getting down. That play could happen to anybody. It wasnt like I was waiting until the last second and got hit in the head like I did against Atlanta or anything like that. I was getting down and my leg came up and he [Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata] hit my leg That was an unfortunate part of it. I think one thing people have to realize is football is a physical sport and theres a lot of quarterbacks out there that arent necessarily the runners that arent playing right now because of injuries. Its not just because Im a little bit athletic and I can move around that Im more prone to injuries. Theres a lot of quarterbacks out there that are getting hurt that dont move around a lot. I dont look at it that way. I tried to get down. As soon as I turned in, I knew there was a lot of Ravens coming after me. It was just unfortunate so Ill continue to make sure I play safe, play the way I have and still be aggressive.

On if expects to play on Sunday:

I cant tell you all that. First, I dont want to give the Cleveland Browns a competitive advantage. I dont want to let anybody down so I dont want to say that Ill be playing and end up not playing.

On if hes seen a replay of his injury on television:

Yeah, Ive watched it. I watched it a couple times, maybe five. But since then, every time they play it, since theres an RGIII update every other hour, I try not to watch it anymore.

On learning the playbook with Cousins, another rookie quarterback:

It worked out like Coach wanted it to. Youve got two guys coming in so were both having to learn the system. Both of us are learning it in different ways. Its just been a great relationship with me and Kirk and then Rex the two young guys and then the 10-year vet. So its been a great quarterback room and I think we all get along.

On what his teammates have said to him about his injury:

Dont play if I cant play. I think coming out here and doing what I did in practice is kind of a showcase for you guys to see me move around that Im not on crutches or limping or anything like that. But its also for them to see that Im OK and if I do step out there in between those lines, they dont have to worry about me. Now, they are naturally [worried] just because theyre my teammates, but I dont want them to think Im going to put myself in harms way if I cant go out and perform.

Source: Washington Redskins Media


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