Rays Jake Odorizzi Dazzles In New Career Best Outing

Allows Just One Infield Hit In 7.1 Innings In 8-0 Rays Victory

Jake Odorizzi tied a career high 7.1 innings (also June 10th versus St. Louis) and the only base hit that he allowed was an infield single that deflected off his right foot.  He struck out ten Houston Astros which was one just one shy of his career high 11 versus the Cleveland Indians on May 9th.

In that start against the Indians he registered a career high 16 swinging strikes in 101 pitches. In his 111 pitches against the Astros he registered a new career high 22 swing and misses.

His fastball was especially effective as he used it for the final strike in eight of his 10 strikeouts and a total of nine of the ten strikeouts were of the swinging variety.

“It’s kind of by design, we do that a lot. It looks good to the hitters and it’s tough to lay off, so it works.” Odorizzi said of using his fastball on eight of ten strikeouts. “Off-speed was big early in the game and that’s what got me through those first few innings really quickly.”

The only other pitcher in Rays franchise history to strike out 10 batters while only allowing one hit was Matt Garza who did it twice (April 30, 2009 vs Boston & June 26, 2008 vs Marlins).

Joe Maddon was impressed with the swing and miss stuff carried to the mound by Odorizzi:

“That’s what I’m saying. It was really alive. That’s the thing, sometimes guys are married to the gun. They’ll see like that the number’s not big enough, they don’t think it’s good enough and that’s not true. There are characteristics to the fastball that make it difficult and he has that. Other guys do too. I’ve talked about it before. That’s the part of the culture in baseball today that I’m really not digging on. The gun is there primarily for the fan’s interest and for scouting purposes and even to know the discrepancy between the velocity on your slider, your curve and your fastball to know the variations but 92-93 right there, occasional 94, probably would be considered average  velocity of a major league fastball but with a lot of misses because of the characteristics.”

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