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Rays and Dodgers talking blockbuster trade?

The Tampa Bay Rays have something that the Los Angeles Dodgers want and his name is David Price. At this point the real question remains how badly do the Dodgers want the former Cy?Young lefty? Do they want him bad enough to part with All Star outfielder Matt Kemp and eat a big chunk of his contract?

The contract for the 29 year old Kemp is six years at $128 million dollars. But LA is willing at least at this point to consider the idea.

The Dodgers love the idea of having Price join another Cy?Young Award winner in Clayton Kershaw and his teammates Zack Greinke and Dan Haren.

Kemp batted?.270 with six homers and 33 RBIs in 73 games?last season for the Dodgers. However, Kemp's high trade value is driven by his past performance prior to his injuries. In 2011, Kemp hit .324 with 39 homers, 126 RBIs and 40 stolen bases, putting him second behind Ryan Braun for the NL MVP.

He is however considered expendable because the Dodgers have a stacked outfield led by former Rays star Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier? and the break out year of young superstar?Yasiel Puig (and top prospect Joc Pedersonis?close to being ready to join the big club) that makes Kemp trade bait.

Everyone else in the AL East wants Kemp and there has even been a rumor that the Yankees might send C.C. Sabathia west for Kemp.The Red Sox and the Orioles are also interested but the Rays have that rare left handed power pitcher which is very attractive.

Here is the big question. Will the Dodgers be willing to eat a large part of the 29 year old Kemp's six year?$128 million dollar contract to get Price? If they will do that then Kemp would look great in a Rays uniform and don't forget the Dodgers are in the first year of a new $7 billion dollar 20 year local TV deal with Time Warner so money may not be an issue.


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