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Players Talk About LeBron's Block On Splitter

Some player's comments about LeBron James' block last night on Tiago Splitter...

LeBron James: ?Just wanted to, I guess, make an impact some way. Offensively it was a struggle for me; couldn?t make a shot, missed lay ups. Some things I?m accustomed to making. So I just wanted to make some plays and try to help our team. And I was able to protect the rim on that one. Basically I told myself, you?ll end up on Sports Center where you?re going to get dunked on or you?re going to get a block. Luckily I was on the good side of the Top Ten and the Not So Top Ten.?

Mario Chalmers: ?He blocked it. I mean, we seen that coming. I know I kind of figured he was going to block that one, just the angle he had. That?s why he?s First Team All Defense. It was a great defensive play.?

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: ?What you like from a competitive standpoint is a lot of players wouldn?t go for that. The risk/reward, and they weigh that right away and the possibility of getting dunked on and being on a highlight film. He?s been on that highlight film both ways. It takes great courage to go up and make one of those plays.

Source: Kurt Helin, Pro Basketball Talk


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