Pittsburgh Steelers reputation saving them more ridicule this offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers.  Black and Yellow.  Terrible Towels.  The Rooney’s.  6 Super Bowl wins.  Troublemakers?  Lawbreakers?  Scoundrels? 

Is the NFL’s model organization attempting to rewright their stellar image? 

If this was the Cincinnati Bengals offseason, it would be considered normal, and we’d be laughing at their expense and saying what a lousy organization it is top to bottom.  But this is the Steelers we are talking about? 

The only way to make headlines in an offseason with a lockout is to find ways to get into trouble.  Pittsburgh is managing to do that.  Rashard Mendenhall tweeting comparing NFL players to slaves.  Hines Ward dancing like he is OchoCinco and then drinking or drugging his way to a DUI.  Now James Harrison calling out teammates and crucifying the commissioner in ways Stan Van Gundy only dreamt about.  Heck, Big Ben has been quiet, but still carries an image that will be tough to shake for awhile.

All the drama may not hurt them this year, but it can’t possibly help them.  The Steelers missed the playoffs the year after they made the Super Bowl the last two times.  They fell to records of 9-7 and 8-8.  They had some injuries, but they also had some issues. 

Trouble with the law and trouble in the locker room is not a good recipe for success.  I will be curious how many people will predict this team to miss the playoffs this coming season and potentially site these things.  I will wait til before the season to decide, but I will certainly keep this in mind.

Pittsburgh Steelers reputation saving them more ridicule this offseason by