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Personality Matters? Rays Receive No Gold Gloves

Posted By Steve Kinsella On October 29, 2013 @ 9:38 PM In Florida News,Insider - Rays,main feature,MLB | No Comments

The Tampa Bay Rays pride themselves on their defense and over the course of the 162 game season we marveled at the range, the consistency, and the decision making process of the Rays infielders.

James Loney Mike Moustakas [1]They were rewarded with a finalist at each infield position – James Loney [2] at first base, Ben Zobrist [3] at 2b, Yunel Escobar [4] at shortstop, and Evan Longoria [5] at 3rd base.

The winner at first base was Eric Hosmer [6] of the Kansas City Royals. He finished ahead of the Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis [7] and James Loney.

The winner at second base was Dustin Pedroia [8] of the Boston Red Sox who finished ahead of the New York Yankees Robinson Cano [9] and Ben Zobrist.

The winner at shortstop was J.J. Hardy [10] who beat out the Kansas City Royals Alcides Escobar [11] and Yunel Escobar.

The winner at third base was Manny Machado [12] of the Baltimore Oriles who beat out the Texas Rangers Adrian Beltre [13] and Evan Longoria.

Post-season awards are nothing to get too outraged over and the gold glove award has come a long way since Rafael Palmeiro won one playing in only 28 games at the position in 1999 (128 games at DH).

I am left to wonder how much personality played into two of the awards. Did coaches/managers hold Yunel Escobar’s flashy personality against him? On the other end of the spectrum did James Loney’s cold exterior and quiet personality rub some the wrong way?

Who knows whether or not personality of either Loney or Escobar played a role in their not receiving a gold glove but I’m finding it difficult to rationalize other reasons why they weren’t rewarded.


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