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Percy Harvin Wants to Win SB for Teammates

On how much his teammates helped him recover from surgery:

Im going to be really blunt and straightforward. If it wasnt for my teammates being there for me the way they were, I mightve just shut it down. Just being discouraged, there came a point in time where the training staff didnt know whether it was a smart idea to try to come back in the same season. Like anyone has ever had hip surgery and came back in the same season. A lot of frustration came with it. I probably wouldve been done with the season if it wasnt for my teammates.

On what will happen on Sunday:

I cant tell you. Im so excited to play football, be healthy and feel the way Im feeling right now. Its going to be a good game.

On whether he sees the Super Bowl as redemption:

I dont know about redemption because Im not looking at it in that way. Im just looking at it as an opportunity. Its a blessing to be able to play in the Super Bowl, a game that Ive dreamed of playing in since I was a little kid. After all Ive been through, to be able to know Ive reached that goal, right here, right now, its amazing.

On what he does off the field:

Off the field Im a homebody. I dont normally do too much. My teammates send me texts all the time trying to pull me out of the hotel room. Im just a homebody. I like relaxing. Im more comfortable in surroundings that I like and thats in my home playing a game. I bowl a lot and play cards.

On what he would tell the 12thman:

I would tell them that this fan base here is the best that Ive ever been around. The support that youve given me and to this whole team, it hasnt gone unnoticed. These guys, the Super Bowl, if we win it, will go to them just as much as it goes to us.

On whether he has thought about his emotions on Sunday:

I havent. I just know I probably will be emotional, but at the same time Ill be ready to play that game.

On whether he sees Sunday as a way to give back to his teammates:

Sure. I want to hold up my end of the bargain and do the things I was brought here to do. Im not looking to pay anything back or anything of that circumstance. Im not. Im looking to go out there, play a great game and try to make some plays for my teammates. Just being out there with them gives me joy.

On Russell Wilson saying Harvin is one of the best players in the league when healthy:

Thats a tremendous honor because I think the exact same thing of him. The way he prepares, I dont think Ive seen too many people have the knack to want be great. He wants to be a great quarterback. He just doesnt want to be average or All-Pro. He wants to be talked about as a great quarterback and I dont think hes going to stop until he does.

On if he is worried about his timing with Wilson:

Not at all. Were fine. Weve been good. I think in the Saints game, we were starting to get into a little rhythm. I had a lot of practices. Before the whole surgery and things like that, we had a lot of one-on-one sessions. Well be fine.

On the importance of following their normal routine:

The big goal our coach gave to us is staying in our routine. It will be good to get to Wednesday, start practicing, get our massages and get in the regular routine that we normally do because thats going to be the key. If we do anything that we dont normally do any other week, I think youll get yourself in trouble.

On if they are worried about the weather:

Not at all. We actually dont think its all that cold like everybody else does. Being from Seattle, theres nasty weather. We get rain. It gets cold. Were not worried about that at all. The best team will win this game.



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