Vicious Hit Leaves Jonathan Drouin With Concussion Like Symptoms

Tampa Bay Lightning top prospect Jonathan Drouin of the Halifax Mooseheads was suffering from concussion like symptoms after a vicious hit into the boards delivered by Lightning prospect Adam Erme of the Quebec Remparts.

Drouin was the Lightning top draft pick in the 2013 draft (#3) overall and Erme was their second round pick (#33) that same year.

Watching the video it’s not a stretch to call the shot delivered by Erme a cheap shot but he doesn’t see it that way saying after the game that “He [Drouin] wasn’t far from the boards and I pushed him pretty hard. I thought it was a dive and I thought everyone else did, too. I wouldn’t have even gotten a penalty if he didn’t dive into the boards.” He also suggested that Drouin could have absorbed the hit standing up saying “if he dives and goes head first he’s going to hurt himself.”

Erme’s comments reminds me of the scene in Beverly Hills Cop when Eddie Murphy gets thrown through a glass window and after he is arrested he asks the police what the penalty is for being pushed out of a moving car –  j-walking?