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NHL Power Rankings: Rangers Are Stacked

[1]With the 48-game NHL season starting in less than two weeks here is how the 30 teams shake out.

What teams are best suited for a sprint to the playoffs and then the battle that is the post-season.

The last time the NHL had a shortened season the 1995 New Jersey Devils got hot at the right time and rolled through the playoffs to their first Stanley Cup win. This go around the New York Rangers have the best lineup to make it through the gauntlet that is the 2013 season. The Rangers are stacked with offense (Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash) and they have the best goalie in league with Henrik Lundquist.

With that said you still have to play the games and stay healthy.

2011-2012 Stats
1New York Rangers51109113
2Los Angeles Kings4095292
3Vancouver Canucks5111164
4St. Louis Blues49109211
5Boston Bruins499226
6Nashville Predators48104910
7Pittsburgh Penguins47103116
8Philadelphia Flyers47103320
9New Jersey Devils48102159
10Detroit Red Wings4810277
11Chicago Blackhawks45101522
12San Jose Sharks4396138
13Phoenix Coyotes4297185
14Minnesota Wild35813013
15Ottawa Senators4192424
16Washington Capitals42921421
17Colorado Avalanche41882415
18Tampa Bay Lightning3884830
19Buffalo Sabres39891718
20Florida Panthers38942712
21Dallas Stars42892217
22Calgary Flames37902514
23Winnipeg Jets37841226
24Montreal Canadiens31781911
25Toronto Maple Leafs35801029
26Carolina Hurricanes33821625
27Anaheim Ducks34802319
28Edmonton Oilers32742023
29Columbus Blue Jackets29652628
30New York Islanders34792827