NHL Power Rankings: Is it playoffs yet?

They playoff chase is at a slow crawl. When the Columbus Blue Jackets (currently in 8th) are trending, you know the NHL is digging deep to find a story. Do the Blue jackets have any chance against the Chicago Blackhawks? That would be one of the biggest upsets in NHL history. The last week of the season most teams are either praying for no injuries or for the season to just end.

With the first pick in the draft the Florida Panthers pick…

Yeah, it’s sad to be a Florida hockey fan with the Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning sitting the cellar of the Eastern Conference.

110Chicago Blackhawks347321174
220Pittsburgh Penguins357019225
352Anaheim Ducks2964810516
440Boston Bruins2759142242
561Los Angeles Kings2657971010
63-3Montreal Canadiens2759616423
792Vancouver Canucks2659156227
87-1Toronto Maple Leafs2555417133
98-1St. Louis Blues26541811148
10133San Jose Sharks2455235115
1110-1Washington Capitals2552519128
12153New York Rangers24521742115
13141New York Islanders2453721622
1411-3Ottawa Senators2352273201
1512-3Minnesota Wild245120141620
16171Detroit Red Wings21502181517
1716-1Dallas Stars224810231913
18224Philadelphia Flyers2043112436
19201Winnipeg Jets245113222924
2019-1Columbus Blue Jackets225124123011
21243Calgary Flames19421229814
2221-1Tampa Bay Lightning17383261221
2318-5Phoenix Coyotes194622152819
2423-1Edmonton Oilers1741252079
25261New Jersey Devils174428132318
2625-1Buffalo Sabres194419252726
27281Carolina Hurricanes183916282527
2827-1Nashville Predators153929181829
29290Colorado Avalanche153726272612
30300Florida Panthers13323030930

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