NHL Power Rankings: Hawks Vs. Penguins

The Pens destroyed the Lightning 6-3 and the Hawks scouts were feverishly taking notes. The NHL hopes that the Hawks and the Pens meet in the finals as the two teams are mirror images of one another. The Hawks have the edge in goal but the Pens scores the most goals in the league. Where the Hawks have the fifth best penalty kill unit the Pens have the second best power-play. In a shorten season where the east did not play the west, all pure hockey fans want to see the finals go seven games with these two teams battling it out for the Stanley Cup.

110Chicago Blackhawks326851205
220Pittsburgh Penguins3264112225
330Montreal Canadiens265766413
451Boston Bruins2656113231
54-1Anaheim Ducks2759711623
660Los Angeles Kings2452891015
770Toronto Maple Leafs2351317153
880St. Louis Blues234816898
9101Vancouver Canucks23521452710
10133Washington Capitals2348420129
11121Ottawa Senators2148242172
129-3Minnesota Wild224721101611
1311-2San Jose Sharks2149297134
14151New York Islanders2147922816
1514-1New York Rangers21462842114
16204Dallas Stars214510211917
1716-1Detroit Red Wings194520141420
18180Phoenix Coyotes184515162512
19212Columbus Blue Jackets19452513287
20222Winnipeg Jets214413232924
21254Tampa Bay Lightning17372261221
2217-5Philadelphia Flyers1737172536
2319-4Edmonton Oilers1639221959
24284Calgary Flames163612291122
2524-1Buffalo Sabres184219243026
2623-3New Jersey Devils154030152218
2726-1Nashville Predators153826181828
2827-1Carolina Hurricanes173618282427
29301Colorado Avalanche143423272619
3029-1Florida Panthers13322730730

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