NHL Power Rankings: Hawks, Pens, Ducks

The Chicago Blackhawks went on a record setting run but now are only one-point in-front of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pens have won 12-straight and have the number one offense in the NHL. The Hawks bring the scoring and the defense ranking third and second, respectively.

Coming in a close third are the Anaheim Ducks with 48-points and the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins round out the top five.

110Chicago Blackhawks245132138
264Pittsburgh Penguins2550116221
32-1Anaheim Ducks224868325
43-1Montreal Canadiens204557918
54-1Boston Bruins2043161221
671Ottawa Senators1740203102
792Los Angeles Kings17361061214
8168Minnesota Wild1838264143
95-4Toronto Maple Leafs1737421185
10122St. Louis Blues1736917515
118-3Vancouver Canucks174014112916
12197Detroit Red Wings163713102122
132613Winnipeg Jets173615242624
14206New Jersey Devils153622131919
1514-1Dallas Stars153317202013
16215New York Islanders1431829417
17170New York Rangers15332952512
1815-3Carolina Hurricanes153212192828
19245Washington Capitals1531722127
2013-7San Jose Sharks1332309164
2118-3Tampa Bay Lightning13272251511
2211-11Philadelphia Flyers1328192367
23252Nashville Predators133221121129
24295Columbus Blue Jackets13322714276
2510-15Phoenix Coyotes133025152410
2623-3Calgary Flames12281128823
2722-5Edmonton Oilers1129281879
2827-1Buffalo Sabres133018263026
2928-1Colorado Avalanche112623272320
30300Florida Panthers92424301730


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