What I Learned From Fantasy Football Experts

Millions of us are playing Fantasy Football. My question is, are there really millions, or is the real total 67?. Every day we ponder over our teams, study the rankings, select our keepers and gather our cheat sheets. Yet we rarely do our own research, or obtain our own information. Rankings and cheat sheets often come from our “trusted” experts and strategy is often developed by others., I have noticed that the average Fantasy owner has lost confidence in his ability to formulate his own opinions, and relying on the 67 (my opinion of the number of GOOD experts) has become commonplace.

Since early July, Fantasy Football experts have been preaching and teaching. Many terrific Fantasy Football tips have emerged and each week the terrific tips have been reinforced. Yet, unlike in Fantasy Baseball, where exhibition game performances can play an important role in determining player value, Football preseason games give us little insight, other than injury news and an occasional indication of a playing time change. Still, the Fantasy expert continues to pound those original terrific tips into our brains until something NEW is discovered.

As a result, the #1 Fantasy Football strategy that is being used by millions can be outlined like this:

Find your favorite expert
Pick your team by using your favorite expert’s strategy advice and his rankings
On gameday, ask your favorite expert who to start or sit
This is what I have learned by listening to the experts:

1. Running Back is shallow. Draft a running back in the 1st round, even if you don’t like him.

2. Quarterbacks are plentiful. Don’t draft a Quarterback even though the differential of the Tier 1 QB and a Tier 2 QB may be the greatest differential in the draft.

3. It’s OK to draft Rob Gronkowski in the 4th round. Is Gronk still among the best if he misses the first six games?

4. Arian Foster is still the #2 Running back. Pain in the legs and back make for a great football player!

5. Handcuff Aaron Hernandez to Kenbrell Thompkins. It’s has been alleged that Thompkins had been arrested 7 times before his 20th birthday.

6. Maurice Jones-Drew should be drafted #1. MJD said so in the Sirius/XM Celebrity Draft.

7. Amendola, McFadden and Murray are injury-prone. May as well shoot them now.

8. If Tom Brady has a bad game, it’s because he has no weapons.

9. Be careful of R3G. After being fined $10,000 for wearing an illegal undershirt I found out it was his “lucky” shirt!

10. Last year my expert told me Rams punter John Hekker would have more passing yards in 2012 than Tim Tebow. He did!!

See how easy it is!! Play the game, bro. Play the game!!