Tramon Williams’ 2011 Shoulder Injury Hasn’t Fully Healed

Packers cornerback Tramon Williams suffered a right shoulder injury in the first game of the 2011 season. A year and a half later, he’s still feeling its effects.

Williams said on 105.7 The Fan that after sitting out Week Two of 2011 with that injury, he decided to tough it out and keep playing through it for the rest of 2011. The shoulder was still bothering him when the 2012 season started, but he kept toughing it out last year, too. As a result, he says, the injury still hasn’t fully healed.

Williams’ shoulder injury was not listed on the Packers’ injury report last season, apparently because Williams never considered missing any time with it. But he acknowledged that he’s not as good a cornerback with a bad shoulder because he can’t jam receivers at the line of scrimmage the way he’d like.

In a sign of how much his teammates appreciated him fighting through that injury, the Packers voted Williams the winner of their Ed Block Courage Award.

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