Shanahan Wants To Expand Helmet-To-Helmet Rules

Source: Mike Jones, The Washington Post

Redskins_Mike_Shanahan_2013Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan intends to lobby the NFL to implement rules to protect players on kickoff units from helmet-to-helmet hits when he attends the next league meeting, he said on Wednesday.

The coach’s decision comes on the heels of the concussion suffered by safety Reed Doughty, who sustained a helmet-to-helmet hit while on the front line of Washington’s kickoff return unit on Sunday.

The Bears lined up in regular kickoff formation, but attempted an onside kick as Robbie Gould sent a short dribbler toward the center of the field, near where Doughty stood. Chicago’s players charged toward the ball, and Sherrick McManis didn’t make a play on the ball, but instead launched himself directly into Doughty, drilling him in the side of the helmet with his own.