Rob Lowe: Colts’ Peyton Manning to Retire

But what does Rob Lowe know, right?

Lowe is an actor on the NBC hit “Parks and Recreation” that’s set in Indiana.  He’s also friends with Colts owner Jim Irsay — Lowe was the first person Irsay followed on Twitter.

The actor lit up social media Wednesday when he tweeted that Peyton Manning was done with football.  Lowe said he’d heard from “my people” that the Indianapolis Colts quarterback would retire later in the day.

No official word yet from Manning himself, but ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted that Peyton’s father, Archie, laughed at Lowe’s report and said it wasn’t true.

Meanwhile, Colts spokesman Avis Roper and Manning’s agent Tom Condon had no comment.

In other words, who would you rather believe?  The people actually close to Peyton Manning, or Rob Lowe’s people?  Calm down, Twitter universe.  All is well.

Source: Associated Press