Redskins Mike Shanahan On Robert Griffin III

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan spoke with the media on Wednesday about Robert Griffin III’s injury, Kirk Cousins possible start and the Cleveland Browns.

On the status of quarterback Robert Griffin III:
“He was limited but I was impressed with how he worked and what he did.”

On if he would have believed on Sunday that Griffin III would look impressive in practice today:
“You never know. That is why you go day-by-day and we will see at the end of the week if he is full speed, ready to go. If he is, he will play.”

On the balance between what’s best for Griffin III and what’s best for the Redskins’ playoff push:
“You get a chance to watch him every day in practice. I get a good gut feel if a guy can play or not. You watch him every day and you see what he does on the practice field and how it will carry over in the game. If he can’t do it on the practice field, chances are he’s not going to be able to do it during the game. So, we will evaluate that through the week and then make a decision on what’s the best for him and what’s best for our football team.”

On if Griffin III is risking further injury by playing on Sunday:
“I think you take all that in consideration when you make a decision. You’re looking at him every day and how he is practicing in comparison to what he could do before when he was completely healthy. You try to evaluate him on the field, not what he is telling you, [but] exactly what you see. Then you make a decision on what’s the best thing for him as well as your football team.”

On who will make the final decision on if Griffin III will play on Sunday:
“When you make a decision like that, you’re talking about a number of people. Like I said, usually I can see… I’ve had players tell me they can go and you can see they are ready to go. You go by your experience just being out there evaluating people. A lot of players will tell you a lot of different things, but you can see if someone is ready to practice or ready to play and you kind of go through your experience and that position or other positions and try to do what’s right.”

On if playing through injuries is different for a quarterback than for other positions:
“Yeah, it’s different for each position. Obviously if you can’t go full speed at the quarterback position, you have to be to protect yourself. You have to be able to react a little bit different than that of other positions.”

On how much quarterback Kirk Cousins has grown since Week 5:
“We talked about Richard Crawford and how much he grew. You always grow anytime you practice. When you’re doing the scout team, watching game film, just going through a week of preparation there is a growing curve for a young guy and obviously with Kirk there is no difference. To be able to go through those game plans and be prepared and be ready to play…there is a lot of work involved, especially at the quarterback position. Kirk has done a great job and that is why he played the way he played during the game.”

On if Cousins had an extra hop in his step during practice today:
“He handles himself the right way. He is one play from being the starter so he prepares as if he was the starter everyday because he know he could be very quickly. The backup quarterback is one of the toughest positions in the game because you have to be ready to play and you have to prepare yourself and if you don’t, you are going to get embarrassed pretty quickly.”

On if he has had a backup quarterback prepare like Cousins does:
“There are a lot of backups that aren’t prepared when they go in and they usually don’t last very long. You only get so many opportunities.”

On what players were limited in practice today:

“London [Fletcher] did not practice. Trent [Williams] was limited. We have a few guys getting treatment. Pierre [Garçon] was getting treatment, but everybody else was full go.”

On if he was surprised by what Griffin III was able to do in practice today:
“I was impressed that he could be able to go out there that quickly. When I looked at the blow on TV, I didn’t think he was going to be able to do the things he did today.”

On the maturity level of Griffin III and Cousins:

“I think it has been great for both quarterbacks to come in because they feed off one another. They both are students of the game; both are extremely bright, great work ethic, all the intangibles that you look for in a quarterback. To have that type of work ethic and work together, I think it has been great for both of them where they could grow together. So it has been plus and obviously they both have taken advantage of the opportunities they’ve had.”

On cornerback D.J. Johnson and safety Jordan Pugh:
“They did great. Pugh had a nice sack on that third-and-6. Johnson did a great job when he was matched up on different wide receivers. [He was] not afraid to play bump, not afraid to play off. Again, you’re hoping guys come in and take advantage of the opportunity. I thought [Jerome] Murphy did a great job on special teams. He really stepped up and made a couple big plays and that is what you’re hoping guys will do.”

On drafting Cousins:
“You get guys that are very competitive and very sharp. You knew exactly how he felt about Robert when we named him the starting quarterback and gave up what we gave up. You have the opportunity to get a guy like Kirk; we thought that was the best thing for the organization and I think that’s proven out already.”

On the field last Sunday:
“I’m not really worried about the field. Sometimes they paint it; sometimes it is not in great shape. My main thing is the footing. I thought the footing was pretty good. As long as the footing is good, I really don’t care what it looks like. I mean, you’d like it perfect. Sometimes they’ll re-sod it if it’s not perfect. I’ve had problems with re-sodding the field; it’s been worse after it was re-sodded a couple times in different places that I have been, so as long as the footing is good, that is number one.”

Source: Washington Redskins Media