What are PPR Leagues and Why You Should Join Them


If you want the most out of your fantasy football experience, you should join PPR leagues because you receive a true value of everyone on your roster.

For those of you who are playing fantasy football for your first year or you are perhaps a veteran player who is looking for a change of atmosphere, there are two basic types of leagues you can join: PPR or Standard Scoring.

There is a huge difference between the scoring in PPR and standard leagues.

PPR stands for Points Per Reception.  In PPR leagues, you are rewarded a point for every reception your player does achieve.  In standard scoring leagues, this does not occur.

An example of a PPR stat-line would as followed be if you had Brandon Marshall as your wide receiver:

One point Per 10 Receiving Yards + 6 Points For Each Touchdown + 1 Point Per Every Catch

11 Receptions

100 Receiving Yards

2 Touchdowns

Marshall’s fantasy points for the day would be 33 points.  If this were not a PPR league, you would take 11 points away from his final tally because this would exclude each point he would make from every catch.

When playing PPR leagues, you are not being cheated of any statistic your player would accumulate during their performance in a game.  You are rewarded for everything they do.

PPR leagues create a complete experience for fantasy football.  In standard scoring leagues, I always felt somewhat cheated because the lack of appreciation for every stat created by a NFL player.   If your player has over 10 catches in their game, you do not get satisfaction from this in non-PPR leagues.  It is only a side-show.

Can imagine how wasted Calvin Johnson’s record receiving season went if you were not in a PPR league?

This would not happen in PPR leagues because every down truly means something.

And it is not only the wide receiver position which benefits from a PPR league because any position which is eligible to catch a pass is helped by this format.

This includes running backs and tight ends.  Running backs benefit quite a bit from PPR leagues because there are several running backs who catch 40 or more passes in a single year.  This makes running backs a multi-threat in fantasy football.

Playing in a PPR league creates a whole new dynamic in fantasy football.  Your players are able to contribute 100 percent to your fantasy roster.  Nothing is left out.

PPR leagues are real fantasy football.