Pouncey Now Knows That Cut Blocks Are Dangerous

Steelers_Maurkice_Pouncey_2013Defensive linemen hate cut blocks. The injury suffered by Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey on Sunday may make offensive linemen hate them too.

Pouncey lasted less than four minutes into the season before his knee was blown out by Steelers guard David DeCastro, who acknowledged in an interview with The Fan in Pittsburgh that he’s the one who took Pouncey out at the knee in the middle of the line. DeCastro said he was trying to cut block Titans defensive tackle Sammie Hill but missed his mark and instead nailed his own teammate.

“We were running outside zone,” DeCastro said. “I went down to cut the nose guard and I got a piece of Pouncey as well.”

DeCastro was visibly shaken on the field afterward and obviously feels terrible that he took out a teammate. But the low block that blew out Pouncey’s knee easily could have blown out Hill’s knee if DeCastro had better aim.

Source: Pro Football Talk