NFL Starts Locker Room Reform Today

Locker Room

After the embarrassing scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito last year, the NFL vowed to change the operations of NFL locker rooms.

As Peter King of writes, the process begins Monday, in Atlanta. That’s where NFL chief human resources officer, Robert Gulliver, will meet with the Falcons to discuss locker-room culture. He’ll be joined by former NFL players Patrick Kerney and Donovin Darius. Gulliver hopes to ensure that the situation that unfolded in Miami won’t happen again.

“We believe the moment is now to really effect change,” Gulliver told King of the sessions that will be conducted for every team. “This is not a Band-Aid from 345 Park Avenue in New York. This is the chance to start a dialogue about what a more respectful locker-room culture is all about. While we have rules and policies on the books that talk about the workplace, what is also important is the culture that reinforces the rules and policies. We believe that a more respectful culture is part of a winning culture.”