Will Bridgewater Become a Starter in NFL?

Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a successful college career and then flopped during the Combine. NFL scouts are worried about that disconnect and some even say that he may never actually become a starter in the NFL.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk takes an approach to the different opinions on Bridgewater and he says that it’s about more than becoming a starter in the NFL.

“The thinking is that Bridgewater has the will to become a great quarterback.  He’ll work hard, and he’ll do everything that is asked of him.  He’ll never create a single problem for the franchise, being a good teammate and a model citizen.”

I understand that being a good person doesn’t win Super Bowls, but Florio makes a good point. Bridgewater might not be as accurate as Blake Bortles or as fast as Johnny Manziel, but his strengths are still valuable in the NFL.

It seems that teams and draft experts have a negative view of Bridgewater because of his recent inconsistency. Pro Football Talk points out that NFL Scouts are always mindful of a player’s “ceiling.” There is only so much a player can do to reach his potential. Has Bridgewater already hit the highest point of his career?

Because of this, it’s been predicted that Bridgewater might just slip out of the first round and wait for a team to pick him up in the second.

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