Why’s Everybody Picking on Vincent Jackson and the Bucs?

This morning I joined Eric Lopez at 7:30 on Sports Talk 1040 and 1080 to talk about a number of hot topics with the Bucs, including some recent comments made by Keyshawn Johnson about Vincent Jackson that I wrote about over the weekend.

Johnson isn’t the first former Buccaneer to take a shot at Jackson this offseason. Warren Sapp did the same when he visited One Buc Place at the start of camp, although he didn’t seem to mean much harm by it. With Johnson, it seemed personal.

Regardless of what you think of Johnson, it was a highly entertaining hour, and Eric and I talked about some of the things that didn’t make it into the article.

We talked the latest injury news with the team and results of a new study that claims the Bucs have the ‘least-engaged fan base.’  Is this true? Do Bucs fans need to step it up? Does the organization need to step it up?

We also talked about expectations this week for the Bucs’ practice in New England.

You can listen to it all here: