Who Should Be Included in NFL Drug Policy?


This seems like a pretty obvious question but some key leaders in the NFL are tip-toeing around the subject of substance abuse and who should follow the rules.

While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stirs up his punishment for Colts’ owner Jim Irsay, we wonder what the NFL will do to prevent an Irsay-like event from happening again.

Doesn’t it seem fair that Irsay should have to go through drug testing just like a player would?

If anything, owners and coaches should have to go through more strict testing than players. They are the ones leading the players, after all.

An unnamed former player told TheMMQB.com that this testing should be protocol.

“When that discipline comes, he ought to be tested daily. If they can test a player 10 times a month, an owner should be tested more.”

Currently, participation in the substance-abuse policy by the owners is completely voluntary. The problem with that is now is the time that outsiders looking in are skeptical about how the league treats it’s owners.

NFLPA president Eric Winston is all for equal drug testing. He says that higher standards are held with the owners and players are watching what owners do. Always.

We do recognize that owners have been punished in the past for things and they have been fined lots of money, compared to players. But when it comes to substance abuse, the league must be consistent.

Right now, there is no standard for owners and drugs. So, what’s it going to be, Mr. Goodell?

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