Weekly Everything Power Rankings

In this story and on The Charlie Bernstein Show, we answer the question, “who cares about mediocrity?” definitively as we say to hell with a 1-32 NFL Power Rankings, a standard 1-25 college football poll are anything else that’s become standard and mundane. We look only toward the best and worst.

NFL Top 5

1. San Francisco 49ers– How good is Colin Kaepernick? Good enough to run any kind of offense and he may be the toughest quarterback to prepare for in the NFL.

2. Denver Broncos– Peyton Manning’s arm strength was lacking just a bit and he still threw for 4 million yards and 7 touchdowns. It’s a great surrounding cast even if the defense is just average.

3. Chicago Bears– Smokin’ Jay looked comfortable behind his new offensive line and the Bears won a tough game against a very good Bengals team.

4. Seattle Seahawks– Sure the Seahawks looked mostly disjointed in the opening day victory over Carolina, but they found a way to go east and get a victory over a tough team.

5. New Orleans Saints– The Saints believe they’re the best team in the NFC South and I think they’re right.

“Amateur” Football Top 5

1. Alabama– They won by 25 against a very good Virginia Tech team at a neutral site. That’s pretty good.

2. Oregon– They crossed the country and won by more than 40 against a BCS opponent.

3. Clemson– Best victory of the season so far against Georgia, we’ll keep them up here until they “pull a Clemson.”

4. Louisville– They have the best quarterback in the country and return most of a team that took Florida to the woodshed in the Sugar Bowl.

5. Stanford– They have the best coach in the country not named Saban and Barry Sanders son. What’s not to like?


1. Teddy-If you don’t know his last name you’re not paying attention to football.

2. Football-Okay, you can call him Johnny. You may not like him but he is pretty magical.

3. Jameis Winston– He was so good in his debut, the only place for him to go is down.


1. Creme Puffs– When done properly there’s no beating this light, fluffy treat.

2. Caramello– Cadbury’s milk chocolate and caramel. Good for any occasion.

3. S’mores– Does anyone not like these? Seriously, why aren’t these on restaurant dessert menus?

4. Cheesecake– It rates higher when done well, but a lot of places fail to meet expectations.

5. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies– Because sometimes you need to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating healthy.

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