Was Jaws’ Criticism of Josh Freeman Accurate?

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski recently ranked Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman as the 21st-ranked quarterback in the NFL.

Jaws called Freeman an “enigma” and described him as a “frustrating player to evaluate.” Jaws also said he feels Freeman “should be a better quarterback after 56 NFL starts.”

While I certainly think there’s room for improvement in Freeman’s game, Jaworski merely scratched the surface in evaluating No. 5.

I talked about Jaws’ comments with Joey Qatao and Mike Corcoran on Sports Talk 1040’s “In The Game” on Sunday and wanted to share those with you.



I think Jaws made some good points, but failed to illustrate the entire picture, which in this case is Freeman’s lack of coaching continuity. Expecting a young quarterback to develop and thrive under the types of circumstances he’s been thrown into is the REAL “enigma” here.  (Cue “Return to Innocence”…and yes, I did just make a reference to Pure Moods).

I also talk about the Buccaneer defense and which players need to step up to help the Bucs become a playoff-caliber team, as well as which rookies will make the biggest impact.

Qatato and I even have some early predictions about how the season will unfold.

After you listening to the audio, tell me what you think. I want to hear from you.

Was Jaws’ assessment of Freeman correct? Where would you rank him among the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks? What about the defense? Who on defense does the success of 2013 ride on?

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