Video: Shelton Quarles Sounds Off on Lovie Smith Hire

Former middle linebacker Shelton Quarles, now the Buccaneers director of pro scouting, was one of the first to greet new head coach Lovie Smith when he got off the plane and arrived in Tampa. Smith was Quarles’ position coach for the first four seasons of his career, after he was plucked from the CFL. Here he talks about why he feels Smith was the right hire for the organization.

“I haven’t had any in-depth conversations with him as it relates to him being a head coach but I’m sure that the experiences that he’s had both as a position coach, a coordinator and a head coach will ultimately make him successful here. As a young head coach with Chicago, he probably made his fair share of mistakes, but all those things make you who you are today and I know he has a lot of character. He’s a high-character person and a productive head coach. I look forward to working with him and hopefully he can get us back to the Super Bowl.”