VIDEO: Jeff Demps Spent the Offseason Working on His Hands

Just four days into training camp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Jeff Demps may have already set the tone for what could be a breakthrough year for him. He’s torched linebackers in one-on-ones and he’s shown great hands downfield on the deep ball.

Demps said he spent the offseason working to improve his pass-catching ability.

“I’ve been able to get a lot of work in over the summer and catching was one of them. Whenever I’m able to come out of the backfield and catch some routes, I just try to take advantage of every ball that’s thrown to me.”

It wasn’t because offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford or running backs coach Tim Spencer asked him to though. Demps took the initiative to do it and could very well separate himself from a crowded group of running backs because of it.

“[It was] just a personal thing. I have speed, so whenever I’m able to get the one-on-one against a [linebacker], I figured that it’d help me out a lot. Over the summer I was working a lot catching balls out of the backfield, downfield, you know, stuff like that.”

In a way, he’s already separated himself.

“Jeff seems to get noticed just about every day. There’s tough competition there. I like all of our running backs. He brings something a little unique to the position, but we’ll see,” said head coach Lovie Smith, adding, “When you have the title ‘fastest man in the NFL,’ you search for ways to do something with him.”


You’ll see what we mean here, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vine account: