Urlacher, Moss: Media guys who hate media

I am happy that Fox Sports is happy with Randy Moss. Formerly known as a prolific receiver and problem child, Moss is one of the network’s new NFL analysts. “He’s being himself,” Fox executive producer John Entz said, per the Associated Press. “He’s being very natural and organic, which is what we love about him.”

What I need to point out is that Randy Moss, as a player, hated the media. Now he’s one of the many who become hypocrites and join the media because, well, they like the media money. He insists he isn’t part of the media, telling Sports Illustrated that being part of the media isn’t his “label … and I don’t want it to start now.”

Brotha, you’re paid to analyze football. You’re in the media.

Same with Brian Urlacher. One season, he grew so ornery with local media coverage that he declared he only would speak to Fox Sports buddy Jay Glazer, as if anyone in Chicago gave a bald head rub. Now, of course, Urlacher is in the media, providing inside information that the Bears faked injuries when struggling against fast-tempo offenses. “We used to have a thing, our coach would go like this,” said Urlacher, flashing a signal demanding someone take a dive. “We had a guy who was a `designated dive guy,’ so when the coach would go like that, he’d get `hurt.’ He’d be the guy who would fake an injury.”

Great insight, Brian.

Welcome to the media.