Tuck: Worst Uniforms In The NFL

The Bucs revealed new uniforms today, and boy are they ugly.

I think they immediately become one of the worst in football.  Here is how I rank the the top 5 worst uniforms in the NFL.


5. NY Giants- White jersey with red numbering/lines?  It’s plain, and it’s not blue. I have never been a fan of the grey pants either.

4. NY Jets– It’s dull, from the helmets to the cleats. Should have been remodeled long ago.

3. Buffalo Bills– The red, white, and blue works alright, but just not a fan of how they blended it.  Preferred the old red helmets as they stood out more.


2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– I was okay with the helmets, but these XFL-ish looking uniforms should be burned.  There is just way too much going on.  It’s not flashy and it’s not clean.

Bucs Uniform 4

1. Jacksonville Jaguars– I don’t like the two-toned helmets at all.  It’s like they wanted to introduce a new color, but they didn’t want to so they just threw it on the back of the helmet.  They would have been better served to go all the way with it, perhaps even eliminating the teal altogether.