Tuck: Weak NFL Free Agent Running Backs, Weaker Draft Class

Last year’s NFL Draft was the first with no running back taken in the first round since 1963.

This year’s group of rookie runners is worse.  I’d say much worse.  At least last year there were a handful of backs taken in the second round, and they proved to be productive.  This year, you could justify waiting on a RB until the 3rd round or later.

With that said, teams will still draft backs, but it is better news for the free agent RB’s this year.  Their stock rises because of the lack of quality in the draft.

So who are we talking about?

1. Maurice Jones-Drew

2. Darren McFadden

3. Ben Tate

4. Knowshon Moreno

5. Donald Brown

6. LeGarrette Blount

7. Rashad Jennnings

8. Toby Gerhart

9. James Starks

10. Ahmad Bradshaw


Teams that need a running back without question?

1. Cleveland

2. Jacksonville

3. Oakland

4. NY Giants

Teams that need one at least for depth or to challenge for carries?

Houston, Miami, Indianapolis, Arizona, Minnesota, Atlanta


Don’t forget!

Chris Johnson is expected to be released by Tennessee.

Baltimore is a little messy right now.  Bernard Pierce had a major surgery and Ray Rice is in trouble with the law.

Arian Foster underwent back surgery and isn’t getting any younger.

We don’t know if David Wilson will ever play again for the Giants or in the NFL.



This year’s free agents are lucky, and some of them may even get overpaid because of the lack of depth.  There is nobody this year, draft or free agency, that warrants that. Be patient, and spend wisely.  Plenty of teams, like New England and Denver, have made it work with committees.  It’s hard to plan around not having a good quarterback in the NFL.  It is easy to plan around not having an elite running back.