Tuck: Trade Percy Harvin For Darrelle Revis

Percy Harvin is unhappy with the Minnesota Vikings.  Darrelle Revis is displeased with the NY Jets.  I got an idea; why not trade them for each other?

The 24-year old wide receiver would immediately remedy the lack of play-making ability the Jets offense has.  The 27-year old corner would immediately solidify a Vikings defense that must face Rodgers, Stafford, and Cutler twice each in it’s own division.

The player for player swap is a rarity in the NFL.  Even more uncommon is the player-for-player trade that anyone talks about.  The one we all remember is Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis.  That was a 23-year old running back for a 26-year old corner.  Bailey has been a Pro-Bowl performer in 8 of his 9 Broncos season.  Portis while rushing 4 times for over 1200 yards, also played 3 incomplete seasons because of injuries with the Redskins.

That was a blockbuster though.  That was two teams saying we need that and we are pulling the trigger.  That was a fantasy football trade done in real life.

Let me make this clear, I’d much rather have Revis.  I think a corner of his ability is harder to find than a slot WR, albeit a special talent.  Clear?  Crystal.  

Both teams are better with those guys in their respective lineups, but there is a case to be made for each team doing this.

– The Jets ended up with the 2nd best pass defense in the league even without the top corner in the league.  The Jets pass offense ranked 30th.  Jeremy Kerley led the team in catches with 56.  Next highest???  Jeff Cumberland with 29.  

– The Vikings went 5-4 with Harvin, and 5-2 without him, and Adrian Peterson actually gained more yards (1140) in those 7 games than he did in the 9 games (957) with Harvin in the lineup.  The Vikings pass defense ranked 25th.

It almost makes too much sense for either side to say no.