Tuck: Tim Tebow Won’t Make Patriots

Tim Tebow is always a big deal.  I’ve given up understanding why, but he just is.  I don’t know when he’ll stop being a big deal.  I just know he still is.  So when the Pats sign him in June as a #3 QB, it becomes headline material for 24 hours, if not longer.

Problem is, I don’t think he’ll make the final roster.  Here are 5 reasons for #5 not making the team:


1. He’s currently the third quarterback.  Most teams don’t carry 3 quarterbacks during the season anymore, and if they do have a third, it’s often a practice squad guy.  The Pats have made it a habit of not carrying 3.

2. The Patriots starting QB is Tom Brady.  He is going nowhere.  Especially not the bench.  Even in short-yardage, there are few quarterbacks better at the QB sneak than Brady.  New England was attempting to trade backup QB Ryan Mallet the same way they did Matt Cassel.  They value him, so unless he gets hurt or implodes, his roster spot appears secure.

3. The Broncos adjusted their offense for Tim Tebow.  Tebow will have to adjust to the Patriots offense, not the other way around.  I don’t have much confidence in him being able to do that.

4. The Pats also have made it a habit of cutting and waiving players at the drop of a dime, even former starters.  Nobody’s roster spot is safe.  I’d bet on Tebow not making it to training camp over him making the opening game roster.

5. Tebow won’t be on the active roster unless he proves to be an asset on special teams.  It’s hard to say what Belichick has in mind for him right now, but being the punt protector won’t be enough.