Tuck: The NFL Season-Changing Plays Of 2011

One of my favorite writers, Jason Lisk, of TheBigLead.com penned a great piece today that I wanted to take off from.  He wrote the Top Ten Impact Plays of 2011.

I think he nailed them, but it got me to thinking of more.  Of course, every fan of every team can come up with one or more plays from most every game their favorite team played that turned the game.  That’s just the crazy thing about sports; we talk about games in definite, black and white terms, when in reality they are all extreme shades of grey.  So many things happen within the course of a game that can swing the advantage one way or the other.

Here are some other game-changing, season-changing plays of 2011.

– Marion Barber III goes out of bounds in Denver

– The Broncos get rolling by recovering an onside kick at Miami

– Tony Romo fumbles diving for the endzone at the Jets

– The Cowboys ice the kicker, and then get their kicker iced the next week, missing both kicks

– The Browns long snapper with a terrible snap in the closing seconds, causing a 22-yard FG to miss, and giving the Rams a 1-point win, and keeping them behind the Colts on the draft board

– Jeremy Maclin fumbles on potential game-winning drive against SF, and he drops first down pass at Atlanta on potential game-winning drive

-Atlanta goes for the first down on it’s on 29 yard line in OT against New Orleans

– Ryan Fitzpatrick to David Nelson with 14 seconds left on 4th down to beat the Raiders

– KC end of first half hail mary at Chicago in a 10-3 win

– Matt Flynn throws 6th TD as Packers beat Lions 45-41