Tuck: The NFL Rule That Needs To Be Fixed

The Calvin Johnson rule as it has come to be known, needs to be tossed out the window.  Everyone remembers the play from a couple seasons ago against Chicago.

Completing the catch all the way to the ground is fine, but should only apply if the receiver hasn’t already established two feet down in the field of play while demonstrating possession.  Well, it happened again to Megatron this week.

He clearly caught the ball, had two feet down, and lunged for the goal-line extending the ball and when the ball moved and touched the turf, the officials ruled after replay that it was incomplete.  It’s a terrible rule, made all the worse that it took replay to overturn it both times.  On top of that, Victor Cruz made a similar play on Sunday night against the Cowboys, and it was reviewed, and for some reason, not overturned.

...and the ruling on this Victor Cruz touchdown didn't help.

The league needs to sit down again and re-think this.  Fans and players alike don’t like the rule and think the enforcement of it is wrong.  Watching replay sometimes makes it easier to tell if a player has possession and sometimes it makes it look like the ball is moving in the hands even though the player has control of it.  Replay is wiping out good catches for no reason and it needs to stop.