Tuck: The Miami Dolphins Should Sign Terrell Owens

Chad Ochocinco has a new home, that was an old home in Miami.  Growing up in Miami, and attending Miami Senior Beach High School, Chad Johnson has come full circle, and it makes total sense as much as it makes no sense.  The Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall this offseason, and that has left them with very little experience in the wide receiver department.

Before Ochocinco, the depth chart read as follows: Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Legedu Naanee, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, BJ Cunningham, Jeff Fuller, Rishard Matthews, Julius Pruitt, and Chris Hogan.

I don’t think defensive coordinators are losing sleep, do you?

I’ve been critical of the Miami Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross for pursuing the spotlight off the field more than on it.  Heck, it appears the Dolphins have more talent on their cheerleading squad than their football team.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/FIfbghHdG1s”]

The Dolphins volunteering for Hard Knocks appears to fall in line with my theory, as do all the celebrity owners, and the necessity of drafting a quarterback to generate interest.  Now, you gotta believe HBO isn’t complaining about Miami adding one of the loudest NFL players to it’s roster.

So why not add Terrell Owens too?

For the same argument you’d have for adding Ochocinco, what do you have to lose?

Do I need to run down that list of prolific receivers on the roster again?  TO is one of the greatest to ever play.  He sat out last year, in part, because he tore his ACL.  You can kick the tires on Ochocinco to see what he has left and not TO?

Terrell Owens, in 2010, in Cincinnati, had 72 catches for 983, and 9 TD in just 14 games, and 11 starts.  That’s pretty impressive, and for the record Ochocinco finished that year with the Bengals with 67-831-4 in 14 games too.  I am not even convinced the Dolphins are signing the better player.

Worst case scenario, you cut him, or both of them before the season.  Best case scenario you added two starters to your roster and improved your team.

At the very least, you accomplish your goal of being entertaining.  If you can’t be good, at least be interesting, right?