Tuck: Thank You Replacement Officials

Unless you are a Packers fan, I think you’ll agree, we are all indebted to the replacement officials.

Yes, seriously.  Stop laughing.  This isn’t a joke.

Without the replacement officials we may have not had NFL football for the last three weeks.  We may have had a second straight season worrying about not getting football, and this time it would have been because of the officials.  We would have been pissed at the NFL.  We would have been pissed at the regular officials.  We would have been flat-out furious.

These replacement referees took on a job they had very little chance of succeeding at.  They jumped at an opportunity most of us would have loved and kept our National Pastime going.  We should be thanking them, not blasting them.

These officials weren’t properly prepared or trained.  They didn’t have the experience necessary to perform on this stage of NFL football.  But they did it for the good of the game.  They stepped up while owners and officials grappled over money and pensions.

I’ve said it would be like all the doctors in the hospital going on strike and then asking/forcing the next most qualified group of people to perform surgeries and take care of the ill.  We basically would be promoting med students without complete training or proper experience or full education to doing a very difficult job that very few can do.

Of course there would be mistakes.  People would get sicker, and even die.  That is what we would focus on.  All the bad things.  But without those med students, many others would have died or gotten sick or become more ill.

These replacement refs are the less serious version of that scenario.  We are fixated on the bad they did.  I totally get it.  I was too!  But now that they are done and gone, I think we should step back and recognize we wouldn’t have even had NFL football without them.  They did the best they could under the circumstances and with the alternative being no football, they gave us fans football.

Thank you replacement officials!  You’ll never be forgotten.  Just avoid Wisconsin for awhile, okay?