Tuck: Terrell Owens Damaging HOF Chances

Terrell Owens is a Hall of Famer in my book, but they don’t read my book in Canton.  What is crazy, is that the longer he plays, and the more attention he draws to himself off the field, the easier it has become to forget how supremely talented he truly was.

The career numbers speak for themselves.  Almost 16,000 yards and 153 TD, and at or near the top most categories.  He was selected to the all-decade team for the 2000’s and was a 5x All-Pro over that span.  You could make a very strong argument he was the best run after catch receiver in NFL history.  T.O. was incredibly difficult to take down because he was physically imposing, both strong as a bull and fast a cheetah in the open field.

As crazy as it sounds, I feel many voters will hesitate or altogether eliminate him from HOF consideration.  Certainly he wasn’t always the best teammate, although that may have been blown out of proportion at different times in his career by media and fans.  Of course, our reactions to him were a tribute to how wildly popular, and unpopular T.O. had become.  Owens was and still is a lightning rod, drawing attention to himself for reasons both good and not so good.  He liked it, and we liked giving it to him.

Sadly, because he has seen a less-than-storybook ending to his career, more people tend to reflect on him bouncing around the league, running out of money, his TV shows, his suicide attempt, his arena football league appearance, and anything but his brilliant career.  That career appears far in the rear-view mirror and not even a topic anymore.  T.O. has become a sideshow, much the same way Chad Ochocinco Johnson created a monster that has overshadowed his own successful career.

The Seattle Seahawks signed Terrell Owens to a one year, veterans minimum, not fully-guaranteed deal.  Seattle is Owens’ 6th team (SF, PHI, DAL, BUF, CIN, SEA).

IF T.O. becomes a Hall of Famer, he will be the Hall of Famer who played for more teams (6) than other in history.  Seems almost fitting if it comes to be.

Too good to be ignored, but just a distraction enough that you can’t keep him around for too long.  And at 38 years old, we aren’t done with him yet.