Tuck: Super Bowl Blowouts

21 of the first 37 Super Bowl could be considered blowouts.  More often than not the biggest game of the season was a big blowout.  How did it happen?  I can’t say exactly, but here are some guesses.

Some years the best team was just a dominant team.  You could argue we haven’t seen an all-time great team since the 1990’s.  The Patriots won 3 titles in 4 years, but won them all by the skin of their teeth.

Earlier years in the NFL were filled with more “dynasties.”  The Packers, the Steelers, the 49ers, and the Cowboys all had established runs of excellence.

Expansion, salary cap, and free agency all possibly have diluted the product, and evened the playing field across the board.

Perhaps even more odd that we had so many ugly, one-sided championship games is that we are now on a run of 8 straight years of delivering a compelling Super Bowl.  5 of the 8 Super Bowls have gone down to the final seconds before being decided.  2 of the other 3 were sealed in the 4th quarter on a defensive score.

We’ve been extremely lucky and fortunate.  Will the luck continue this week?

I blogged yesterday, that Super Bowl XLVI is difficult to figure based on historical context.  The Pats don’t lose much, and really don’t get blown out much.  Hard to see them getting slammed on Sunday.  The Giants are a roller coaster, and have been on the wrong end once in a bad way this year at New Orleans, and lost ugly a couple times.  So if it gets bad, one would think the Giants would more likely be on the receiving end.